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Blackburn Roc 

Skua Formation

The Blackburn Skua was a fighter/dive bomber used by the British Fleet Air Arm during World War II. The Skua is often described as a slow, cumbersome aircraft that saw little action and was quickly relegated to a training role after the start of the Second World War. It may have been slow and ponderous, but it saw widespread action as both a  fighter and dive bomber and its pilots fought many gallant actions against the Germans and Italians. It achieved remarkable results despite its poor performance and the small numbers produced.


Skua description, specification and general history (Start here to find out about the Blackburn Skua)

Skua in Pictures (Some interesting pictures and more detailed info)

Blackburn Roc  (Description and combat record of the turret-fighter derivative of the Skua)

Fanad Head incident (The events surrounding the loss of two Skuas in the early days of WWII)

First blood (How a Skua shot down the first German aircraft to be destroyed by a Fleet Air Arm aircraft in WWII)

Sinking of the Königsberg  (How Skuas sank the first major warship lost to bombing in history)

 Bergan Panorama   (Helps illustrate the scene of the sinking of the Königsberg)

Norwegian campaign (The amazing and often overlooked role of the Skua in the 1940 Norwegian campaign)

Skuas over Dunkirk (The conflicting stories of Skua operations over Dunkirk)

Mediterranean campaign (The Skua in use in the Mediterranean and off West Africa)

Oh Calamity!!! (One man's view of the Norwegian campaign from the back seat of a Skua)

Memories of No2 AACU  (Don Sutherlands memories of working on Blackburn Sharks and Skuas at No 2 AACU Gosport)

Skua postscripts (A postscript on the Norwegian campaign)

Modelling the Skua (Details of Plastic model kits available of the Blackburn Skua)

Modelling the Roc  (Details of Plastic model kits available of the Blackburn Roc)

Notes on Modelling the Skua and Roc  (Information on making an accurate representation of the Skua and Roc for modellers)

Skua and Roc colour schemes (Information on the camouflage scheme used by Skuas and Rocs)

Skua Bibliography (A list of sources and follow-up reading material)


Skua Formation

Skuas in formation

Peter C Smith's book on the Skua. Click here to order online.        Matthew Willis book on the Skua and Roc, Click here to order online.

Flying Sailors at War Volume 1    So Be It! by Don Sutherland

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