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Bf 109 Markings

The following pictures were originally produced back in the early 90's for a DOS program which displayed either 16 colours in a moderate resolution or 256 colours in a very low resolution, hence they are very "blocky" - They were done the hard way, using "Dpaint" on an Amiga computer, using just a mouse, no scanning was involved (couldn't afford a scanner in those days). I actually used to draw the outline on acetate, tape it to the front of my computer screen and trace it with DPaint!

109col11.gif (12748 bytes)

A Bf109C in the markings of the Condor Legion which fought in the Spanish Civil War

109col9.gif (10183 bytes)

109col2.gif (23127 bytes)

Three Battle of Britain Bf109 Es

109oview.gif (14584 bytes)

Bf 109 E4 of 9th Staffel "Hell-Hounds" of JG26 "Schlageter".

109col5.gif (26249 bytes)

109col4.gif (19384 bytes)

109col1.gif (13348 bytes)

109col3.gif (27168 bytes)

Two Bf109s which operated against the brave island fortress of Malta.

109col6.gif (21682 bytes)

It is often forgotten just how many countries fought on the side of the Nazi's in World War II - Here are Bf 109s supplied to two of them, Bulgaria and Croatia. They also were supplied to Finland, Hungary, Romania and Italy. Before the War they had also been sold to Switzerland and Yugoslavia. An example even reached Japan.

109col7.gif (30214 bytes)

Two night fighters, the top is a 109C serving as a stop-gap night fighter at the start of the war, at the bottom is a Bf 109G-6 U4N which could home onto the H2S Radar of British night bombers using its "Naxos" passive receiver, (the small hump behind the cockpit).

109col8.gif (15846 bytes)

The two post-war developments of the Bf109 - The Avia S-199 and the Spanish HA-1112 "Buchon"

109col10.gif (9141 bytes)

Bf109 G-2 "Black 6" WNr 10639 as it appeared after its extensive rebuild to recreate its appearance in November 1942

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