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Messerschmitt Bf109 Recognition Points

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The early unarmoured cockpit canopy used on the B, C, D and Earlier E series aircraft. Note the curved top.

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The square armoured canopy first used on the E series and then continued in use on the F and G series. Note the flat top. Spanish post-war "Buchons" used the same layout.

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The "Erla hood" (sometimes called the "Galland Hood") which gave improved view. Introduced on late G series aircraft and continued for the "K" series. Post war Avia S-199s used this canopy.


109noses.gif (7356 bytes) 1. The chin radiator and bulges above the exhaust, which are set high up on the nose show this is a Merlin powered Hispano "Buchon" Produced post-war in Spain. Often seen in Films and TV shows masquerading as a "109"


2. The Rounded spinner was a feature of the F G and K series, but the large "bumps" over the nose (over the breaches of the larger 13mm machine guns) were first introduced in the G series.


3. A very rare bird. The very large air intake on the side of the nose is for a DB600 engine as used in the D series. Because of shortages of DB600 engines most of the D airframes were fitted with Jumo engines and therefore looked like the earlier B and C series.


4. The angular chin radiator of the B and C series (Jumo 210 engine).

1. The Classic tail of a Bf109. The bracing strut was used on the B, C and E series aircraft.


2. The F and G series did away with the bracing strut (the tailwheel also retracted).


3. Late model G and all K series aircraft had a redesigned tail made of wood.

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The classic Bf109 E series of the Battle of Britain. Note the braced tail, the flattened spinner, the engine exhaust set low on the nose. The E, F, G and K models all had a small oil radiator under the nose while there were larger engine cooling radiators under the wings. The earlier B and C series lacked the under-wing radiators, having only the large chin radiator under the nose. D series aircraft with the DB600 engine would have had wing radiators.

All B, C, D and E series aircraft had squared-off wingtips, whilst the F, G and K series (and the Hispano Buchon and Avia S-99) had rounded wingtips. The rare H series had extended wings with rounded wingtips.

Bf109 E series

The squared-off wings of a Bf109E

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