Ok, so this is relic of the old days when everyone had a "links" page on their website, I make no excuses!. 


Peter Sellers (The sound downloads are great - I love his versions of Beatles songs)   (Go on - get out there!)

The all time best sword and sorcery epic

The best collection of computer helpdesk humour

Collection of Hoax web sites

The very funny "Things my Girlfriend and I have argued about" ( this bloke is a Jerome K. Jerome for the 21st Century)


Biodiode     (Startlingly good  electronic music)

Dan Phillips   (Great  electronic versions of Christmas songs in the style of 80s + 90s synthpop bands. Clever!)

Ah, what memories of my days as an RAF Radar/Computer tech...

RAF Air Defence Radars

US Air Defence Radars


My good friend Paul Thompson's World War I Modelling pages


AnalogX, Great Free Network Utility Downloads


Staktrading (The best place in the UK Midlands to buy computer bits for home use)

Software Recommendations

PCInspector (This is a fantastic free bit of software - I've used it many times to save peoples files)

Sequoia View (If your hard disk is getting full this is the ideal tool to find out which files and folders are taking up the most room, it has a unique and intuitive way of displaying the disk structure - Much better than the normal tree views where you have to "drill" down - (only upto windows XP i'm afraid)


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