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The website has been going since 1999, first hosted by virgin, then by byethost before moving to the dingeraviation.net domain in 2018.

I have had to take my email address off the page and replace it with this bitmap image because I was getting so much "spam" and viruses sent to me by automated web page scanners . By all means contact me at the above email address, you'll have to write it down manually, since you can't click on it.

I like to get feedback. Tell me the bits you like, the bits you hate and any mistakes I've made. I particularly like to hear from anyone who has information on the Skua and Roc. I am sure there is a lot more to be learnt about these two aircraft. Likewise, any information on the development of the Reid and Sigrist Snargasher and Desford would be welcomed, particularly about the people responsible for their design.

My policy in writing articles on specific aircraft is to go beyond the normal description of a type you would find in a wikipedia article. Instead I aim to put the aircraft into the context of the time it was created and the job it was designed to do. My articles are not "frozen", if I find out something new about an aircraft that adds to an understanding of it, I update the article. The exceptions are my
"RAF Fastjet" articles on the Harrier, Hawk, Tornado and Jaguar; I've preserved those as they were first written for my "book on a floppy" projects for the Amiga and MS-Dos computers back in the 1990s, with updates only tagged onto the end of the articles.

I get a lot of emails from people hoping I would be interested in buying some collectable aviation item, usually to do with Spitfires, the Schneider Trophy or editions of "Aircraft of the Fighting Powers". Let me say up-front that I am not interested in buying such items and I have no idea on prices for such items if you are trying to auction them. Sorry!