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Dinger's Messerschmitt Bf109 pages.

Back in 1991-92, I put together a program for the Amiga computer about the Messerschmitt Bf109 fighter of World War Two. It was available over the next few years as a fully commercial product. It was part of the "Learning Curve" CD Rom published by Wierd Science. I converted the program to run on PCs, albeit only as a DOS program and this was also available as PD.

I have taken the key text elements from the program and incorporated them here. You will see that the pictures were originally produced for the low-res 16 and 256 colour screens in use in the early '90s, giving it a "retro" look. The artwork was all original, done with "Dpaint" on an Amiga; no scanned images here! I have updated a certain amount of the information in the light of information about the Bf109 published since then, but the website should not be regarded as authoritative on the latest research and discoveries about the Bf109's history. I have deliberately tried not to get too technical to make it accessible to people who know nothing about aircraft and come to the subject with little background knowledge (remember the original product was aimed at the 9-14 year age group).

I don't want to get involved in the argument about which is correct; "Bf109" or "Me109". I stick to "Bf" throughout.